Aquatic Plastic

AQUATIC PLASTIC (AQPLA) is a collaborative initiative aimed at combating riverine plastic pollution in the Danube River Basin.

Did you know that 80% of marine litter originates from land-based sources, including rivers? AQPLA’s aim is to provide a thorough database and methodology to map riverine plastic waste, using artificial barriers, such as Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs) and implement remote sensing technologies as tools to measure, monitor and divert riverine plastic waste accumulations from nature to landfills.

Our consortium, comprised of diverse stakeholders from 10 countries, including ministries, NGOs, universities, and water authorities, aims to identify high-risk waste leakage points and develop innovative solutions for extraction and recycling.

Project overview

Start date:

12 July 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

12 July 2024



80.00 % funded by
Interreg Funds





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Communication Manager

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