First Microplastic Measurements in the Water

[p]As small as microplastic particles are, the challenge of monitoring them cost-effectively is huge. The challenge to do it in a harmonized way, adapted to various boundary conditions is even bigger.[/p][p]Standard microplastic sampling methods in water are not expedient due to the varying fluvial and morphological conditions. Instead, AQUATIC PLASTIC relies on situation-adapted, cost-effective, practicable net and pump systems with the greatest possible harmonisation of the measurement parameters (pore size, sampled volume, etc.).  Measurements are carried out in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. [/p][p]Within first test-measurements at the IWA-BOKU river lab in Vienna pump and net measurements were tested. The IWA BOKU's hydraulic engineering laboratory, which is unique in the world, enabled a direct comparison of the methods under standardised fluvial and morphological conditions in a 1:1 model test for the first time.[/p][p]
Test sampling



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