COMMON CHALLENGE: Main problem is related to innovation capacity in remote areas. In partner regions those areas are facing declining employment opportunities in traditional industries as a result of structural change. This emphasises the need to take steps to stimulate economic activity with employment-generating potential for regions that are facing difficulties in maintaining a critical mass of facilities to support economic development. Analysis shows that FOOD SECTOR together with other value chain-related sectors represent one of the most important, potential field to leverage improvement of the socio-economic situation in remote areas. MAIN OBJECTIVE: Improving entrepreneurial competences and skills in remote areas through FOOD innovation potentials & answers to current global challenges. OUTPUTS & RESULTS: 1) Joint transnational food mentor scheme; 2) Cross-sector assessment tools (digital, energy and circular readiness) and joint knowledge base mentor e-platform with all relevant data access, to support mentorship services on a transnational level. APPROACH: The project consists of 11 carefully selected competent partners who are according to their role in the project divided into 2 groups. KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS covering areas of digital technologies, energy efficiency and raw material circularity; REGIONAL PARTNERS whose role is implementation of actions on a regional level. INNOVATIVE CHARACTER: Integrated cross-sectoral experts approach (digital technologies, energy & material reuse), mobility of transnational pool of experts coming from different EU regions, focus oriented program to food and drink related SMEs, sustainable business model; no similar transnational program existing. TRANSNATIONAL ADDED VALUE: International pool of cross-sector mobile experts, transnational partner network helping local SMEs to become more innovative & competitive, better conditions for business expansion, positive impacts on employment, brain drain stopped, tendencies to in-migration.

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Project overview

Start date:

01 January 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

30 June 2026



80.00 %

funded by ERDF





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