Forestry and forest-based industries are facing labor shortages, while the number of those choosing careers in forestry is declining. At the same time, the sector is known for providing so-called "green jobs" that help maintain forest ecosystems and ensure sustainable production of forest products and fair treatment of workers. Fem2forests aims to (1) develop innovative career pathways for girls and young women, (2) strengthen the capacity of forestry education institutions through mainstreaming of the gender perspective, and (3) facilitate the framework conditions for efficient involvement of women at different levels and stages in forestry organizations and relevant labour markets. To achieve these objectives, the Fem2forests concept follows an interactive and multi-stakeholder-driven innovation model that covers career paths in forestry from early orientation stages to leadership positions. Workshops, surveys, and interviews are used to identify the needs and interests of girls and young women in the forestry sector. Education and training institutions, as well as employers, business support organizations, and other stakeholders, will be closely involved throughout the project to help change awareness and create a framework for a more diverse workforce that promotes sustainable development, especially in rural areas. Through all these activities, we aim to increase the proportion of young women in the forestry sector by 2030 and beyond. The project is built from the bottom up, so the communication and involvement of target groups from the start of the project is essential. We believe that the participation of the key target groups will bring change in the forestry sector in DR. Fem2forests project is built on the solid ground laid down by its successor Fem4Forest (DTP3-500), which gave us a first insight into the status of women in the forestry sector in DR. Experiences, methodologies developed and gathered information will be our solid background, and it is our motivation to work with your girls and women. The Fem2forest project is proposed at a time when all countries in DR are facing a shortage of working force in the forestry sector. We believe that changing the perception of forestry as labour intensive and man-dominated sector among youngsters can change the labour market and bring "fresh wind" into the sector.

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Project overview

Start date:

01 January 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

30 June 2026



80.00 %

funded by ERDF





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