The majority of energy-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are currently groping in the dark about how they could switch to the use of renewable energy sources. It is not clear to SMEs which suppliers should be identified and used, in which part of the energy transformation process, or how accessible or reliable these suppliers are (due to the uneven levels of supplier qualification and access systems in the Danube countries). They are also not offered any support in clearly understanding which steps they need to take – depending on their level of operation and maturity – to switch to the use of renewables. This is all taking place in the middle of an energy crisis when the need to decarbonise SMEs has increased drastically. The goal of the project is to create a pilot network of regional/countrywide service centers in order to support energy-intensive SMEs in accelerating the transition to adopting renewable energies. Corresponding outputs can be achieved only through transnational collaboration: an energy transition roadmap answering diverse company maturity and situations, model operation of Green Energy Knowledge, Operation and Service Hubs (GEKOS) assuring single-channel service, equipped with a cross-border green energy database and marketplace. Due to scalability, we must meet the needs of SMEs that are only just considering their energy transition, as well as those that are already at the forefront of this. The final aim of the project is to create both national and transnational strategies/toolkits on how the diverse SME segments can be better supported in the increased use of renewables. The novelty of the project is the efficient service methodology for SMEs based on a combination of massive energy knowledge and the single-channel service of real SME needs and access. This is also reflected by the structure of the partnership, namely the symbiotic collaboration of energy agencies and business support organisations.

Project overview

Start date:

01 January 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

30 June 2026



80.00 % funded by
Interreg Funds





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