Empowerment of the stakeholders in the implementation of the Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources in term of energy storages and energy networks stability

About the Project

ESINERGY helps to solve one of the key issues in modern energy technology, this is to manage the imbalance between the generated power and the load into the electrical network, which is not adequate for the forthcoming needs such as rising consumption, energy demand etc. This challenge affects in particular energy providers, grid operators, all energy prosumers e.g. municipalities, companies, farms, households and indirectly regional and national public authorities that should deal with it on the structural and systematic way within the planning potentials. In fact, they are affected to such an extent that the connection of further (larger) PV-systems (energy production systems) is not possible in some areas because the grid already operates at its limit. Partners coming from 12 Danube programme countries will benefit from the investment and project activities. To diminish the barrier they will jointly cooperate in a compromise between local autonomy and centralized decision making. The organizations seek a balance between the pressures to integrate globally and response from a local audience. This is why working together with national/regional /local public authorities, large enterprises, energy agencies, public utility and research organisations who due to the same challenges facilitate creativity, improve productivity and brings better results on the transnational level. Project will introduce first the pilot approaches to reduce the peak loads directly in electrical networks, so that the producers could use the energy for own purposes (heat pumps, energy storages, charging stations,energy communities which can balance quite well differences of generation and demand) and support self-supply. Afterwards, the policy planning referring to peak loads will be improved through transnational strategy so that the measures could be replicated in other areas. All outputs will contribute to the solutions focusing on when the energy is used and to the cost reduction.

Project overview

Start date:

12 July 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

12 July 2024



80.00 % funded by
Interreg Funds





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