The SE ecosystem has developed over the years, however disparities between western and eastern countries in the Danube Region persists. The territorial challenges social entrepreneurship in partner countries are facing are related to low level of engagement of public authorities for implementing and supporting social economy at local level, missing networking and B2B connections, low number of innovative SEs, lack of programmes demonstrating social value to general public. Motivated by these challenges, the Danube4SEecosystem main objective is to jointly develop inspiring policies for social enterprises by involving local public authorities into the social enterprises supporting ecosystem in order to enhance inclusive employment in the Danube region while supporting the sustainable operation of social enterprises as interpreted on the basis of a broad definition, in order to strengthen their employment role at the settlement and regional level. Specifically, the project develops the Strategy for inclusive Social Economy ecosystem and an Action Plan for implementing the Strategy which will be pilot tested in 5 countries on 5 themes. The results of the pilot actions will feed into the Social Economy Support Guide for public authorities and intermediaries on how to support SE. This innovative handbook will include clear guidelines on how to implement the support, guidance on the human and financial resources needed as well as important practical tips and knowledgeable contact points in partner countries. Danube4SEEcosystem will enhance SEs skills and capacity by developing 2 assessment tools for SE sector and providing training sessions for social entrepreneurs and local public authorities; improve visibility, recognition and collaboration with their ecosystem by the creating Danube Social Economy Network; increase the transnational cooperation between entities supporting the development of social economy and sharing the best practices learned in their territory.

Project overview

Start date:

01 January 2024

Status: ongoing

End date:

30 June 2026



80.00 % funded by
Interreg Funds





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