First Stakeholders’ Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Stakeholders meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Business Agency, April 29th 2024

The Slovak Business Agency in Bratislava recently hosted a notable meeting to discuss the SMEnergy project, which focuses on promoting renewable energy solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Slovakia. The meeting saw participation from key stakeholders, including representatives from the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), energy suppliers, renewable energy service providers (RES), and small business owners.
Stakeholders meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Business Agency, April 29th 2024
The event began with an overview of the project and its initial outcomes. Ms. Petra Pazerini, Manager of International Activities, introduced the mission and implementation plan for 2024, setting the stage for the project’s future direction. Following her presentation, Mr. Andrej Špánik, also a Manager of International Activities and a thematic expert, shared findings from recent research on the current state of renewable energy in Slovakia. He also announced upcoming in-depth interviews with representatives from all target groups to further refine the project’s strategies.In the second part of the meeting, participants were invited to share their expectations and potential contributions to the SMEnergy platform. Discussions focused on the latest developments in Slovakia's renewable energy sector and explored opportunities for collaboration. The debate highlighted business opportunities within the RES sector and addressed concerns about the project's sustainability.A significant outcome of the meeting was the recognition of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) as a valuable resource for the platform. Additionally, synergies with regional energy center projects under the Slovakia 2021-2027 Program were identified. The group also discussed the importance of preparing SMEs for new directives on energy auditing and reporting.Participants expressed a strong interest in expanding the SMEnergy platform to include representatives from the Ministry of Economy, the National Energy Cluster, and the Slovak Association of Photovoltaic and RES Industry. The meeting concluded with a consensus on the need for a centralized information exchange hub, which would streamline data systemization and create a one-stop-shop for stakeholders.
Stakeholders meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Business Agency, April 29th 2024
Future cooperation will focus on networking, sharing experiences across the consortium, and showcasing partners' products and services on the SMEnergy platform. The creation of "Regional Energy Centres" under the guidance of SIEA was also highlighted as a crucial step forward.The meeting, characterized by its collaborative and creative atmosphere, successfully set the foundation for ongoing partnerships and active participation in the SMEnergy project's future outputs. A total of 17 individuals attended, representing a diverse array of stakeholders committed to advancing renewable energy initiatives for SMEs in Slovakia.



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