NRGCOM’s National and International Workshops: Driving Renewable Energy Communities Forward

As part of the NRGCOM project's comprehensive strategy to foster renewable energy communities (RECs) across the Danube Region, a series of stakeholder workshops have been organized both nationally and internationally to assess and advance the goals of the initiative. These workshops serve as pivotal platforms for engaging key stakeholders and exploring innovative approaches to enhance the environmental and operational landscape of RECs.
National workshop, Czech Republic
At the national level, parallel workshops have been conducted by project partners in various countries within the Danube Region. In the Czech Republic and Hungary, recent workshops have yielded significant insights and discussions. In the Czech Republic, representatives of established energy communities in the South Bohemia region convened to deliberate on new legal frameworks impacting the establishment and functioning of RECs. Meanwhile, Hungary, though lacking functioning RECs, hosted three workshops focusing on diverse themes such as business models, internal operations, and low-cost investments for prospective RECs.
Montage from the 3rd interactive online national-level stakeholder workshop (Hungary)
Led by the NRGCOM Lead Partner, Dél-Dunántúli Regionális Innovációs Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft., the Hungarian workshops engaged a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including national authorities, energy agencies, and community initiatives. The interactive nature of these online sessions facilitated dynamic exchanges and solution-oriented discussions aimed at harnessing the full potential of renewable energy initiatives.Key themes explored in these workshops included innovative business models, stakeholder engagement techniques, internal operating models, and feasible low-cost solutions for RECs. By dissecting these crucial aspects, participants collaborated on identifying pathways to optimize environmental and operational conditions within energy communities.
NRGCOM's International Workshop
Moreover, an International Workshop on Business Models for RECs, organized by NEK, provided a broader perspective by offering insights and comparative analyses of workshop outcomes from various partner countries. This collaborative endeavor aimed to streamline approaches and identify best practices in REC management and stakeholder engagement.Notable findings from the international workshop underscored significant advancements in REC legislation and proliferation across participating countries. For instance, Austria boasts over 1190 established RECs as of 2024, following the adoption of legislation enabling energy sharing in 2021. Conversely, Hungary is yet to witness the establishment of RECs, while Croatia has opened avenues for REC establishment since 2023. Slovenia currently operates 59 RECs contributing to 3.2 MWh of renewable energy production, whereas Germany has seen the emergence of 914 RECs established post-2006.Moving forward, insights gleaned from these workshops will contribute to the development of a comprehensive catalogue outlining optimal operation models for energy communities. By leveraging collaborative efforts and sharing expertise, the NRGCOM project continues to drive sustainable energy transitions and empower communities across the Danube Region.



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