DRP at the European Sustainable Energy Week

Joint Interreg exhibition highlights the best net-zero solutions of from the Danube region at the EUSEW 2024.

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2024, the largest event in Europe dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use, took place both online and onsite in Brussels from June 11-13. 

Organized by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), this year's theme was ‘Net-zero energy solutions for a competitive Europe’. 

Title photo by Intaract.


Photo by Interact.

Best of Interreg DTP at the EUSEW 2024

Among the highlighted solutions to enhancing sustainability from across Europe, several were developed by Interreg DTP projects. Here’s a closer look at the highlights: 


The project aimed to enhance energy security and efficiency in the Danube Region through the promotion of sustainable geothermal energy. Key initiatives included increasing the utilization of geothermal resources, developing a comprehensive resource management toolbox, and fostering stakeholder cooperation across the region. By focusing on these areas, DARLINGe focused on contributing to the region's energy sustainability.

Danube Cycle Plans

Danube Cycle Plans focused on promoting cycling in the Danube region by developing national and transnational cycling policies and improving infrastructure. The project worked on creating a Danube Cycling Strategy, upgrading the Danube Cycle Route Network, and boosting cycling promotion efforts. 


The DanuP-2-Gas project focused on enhancing regional energy security by integrating bioenergy with surplus renewable energy. Notably, it identified optimal locations for energy hubs and converted organic residues into renewable natural gas, thereby providing a sustainable solution to energy management.


The CSSC Lab project focused on helping cities in the Danube region use energy more efficiently and securely by introducing innovative solutions for energy storage and sharing. The project provided training and demonstrations to municipalities, aiming to create a network of cities that utilize these cutting-edge techniques. Through CSSC Lab, urban areas are becoming more resilient and sustainable in their energy usage.


Photo by Interact


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