Projects from first call meet for knowledge exchange

Last week Interreg Danube Region Programme hosted a lead partner seminar aimed at enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange among lead partners of the first call projects.

The event held on April 25-26 in Belgrade, provided a platform for lead partners from first call projects to delve into crucial topics such as project implementation, reporting, communication, and financial management.

With over 140 project partners coming from  60 first call projects across the Danube region attending, the seminar fostered insightful presentation from MA/JS team, followed by lively discussions. Day one was packed with practical information on project implementation, reporting, communication, and financial management. Day two was all about synergy and capitalization within the Danube Region Strategy priority areas. The event also featured networking sessions, allowing representatives from freshly starting projects to connect with each other and engage with the MA/JS. 

Peers to peers

Seasoned project partners from previous programming period shared their expertise how they embarked on the lead partnership journey in sessions "Peers to Peers - How we started". Among the speakers was Kruna Ratkovic from GeoNet SEE, Mirza Sikiric of SpinIT and Dejan Bogdan from RurrALL, each contributing their unique perspectives and enriching the collective learning experience. 

In the session "Peers to Peers – How we dealt with challenges," Katja Von Hoff of D-Care Labs project took the spotlight, sharing her experience of overcoming obstacles and navigating complexities of leading transnational project.


Kruna Ratkovic from GeoNet SEE project during her presentation.

Finding synergies

While day one of the seminar focused on presentations, day two centered around synergy and capitalization within the Danube Region Strategy priority areas. Three project speakers shared successful project approaches during introduction to programme's capitalisation activities. Jaroslava Szüdi presented the PA7 „Knowledge Society“ approach towards the EUSDR Action Plan and how capitalisation strategy enables synergy building between the DRP projects and projects funded by other financial instruments . In a joint presentation, Zoltan Bendo and Amela Ikić Suljagić shared the planned synergy building activities of the TEX-DAN and Green-Tex projects. 

Overall, the seminar was an excellent networking opportunity, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the establishment of collaborative relationships so needed for the longterm success of our new projects. We are grateful to the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia for hosting us at their premises, and also to the National Contact Point in Serbia for their support with organisation. But most importantly, we would like to thank to all our participants for their enthusiastic engagement and invaluable contributions!


(From left to right): Jaroslava Szüdi from EUSDR Priority Area 7 Coordinator Office, Mirjana Vidanovic from MA/JS , Amela Ikić Suljagić and Zoltan Bendo.


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